Individual Therapy

It can be really helpful to talk to someone about your worries and concerns.  When we face our struggles alone, sometimes we can feel lost, overwhelmed, and like no one will understand.  Therapy can be a place where we walk together to meet that which feels unbearable or like it's too much to handle on our own.  In therapy, we will collaborate to reinforce your inherent strengths and build on past experiences to face the challenges of today.  

Therapy For Relationships

It is normal for all relationships to have difficulties.  Right now might be a rough patch you're overcoming, or it may be a time for diving deeper into your connection with each other.  The process of therapy can be beneficial for all relationships to foster communication, enhance intimacy, strengthen your bond, and nurture compassion & understanding.  Therapy is a time to grow closer by learning more about oneself and one another, where relational patterns can be identified and updated to fit who you are becoming today.  I welcome all identities, orientations, and relationship styles in my practice.

Family Therapy

Our families are the foundation of society.  They provide the building blocks for our relationships and who we are in the world. In family therapy, we look at the impact that we have on each other and work together to create meaningful and lasting change in the family.

Some of the values that influence my work in therapy include:













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